Need an elevator at home ? Here's what you'll need !


Your building structure must be conform to our norms, an expert will get in touch with you concerning your habitation.


You will need at least a 100 squared feet of space for your elevator.

Special Needs

Have any special needs ? Rest assured we will take all of your requests in consideration to ensure you get the best experience.

We have clients all over the world!


Here's the installation process

We truly care about our customers, your satisfaction is our number one priority !

Our team will take your Specifications in count and proceed to work with those in mind.
We will first build a Prototype of the elevator. If you are not satisfied with the prototype that we came up with, our team will rebuild it again based on your feedback.
The Installation process is quick and safe, in the event that we damage your property while installing the elevators, all cost will be handled by the Rocket Elevators team.
The Result will be your brand new Rocket's Elevators!

Call now at +581-701-0303 and get a 15% discount on your next installation !

We truly care about our customers and our products.